Duplicate Batch Agent Transaction Behavior and Input/Output Data

Transaction Behavior

This section has information about the Duplicate Batch agent transaction behavior. For information about the general transaction behavior, see 3.1.11 Workflow Monitor.


The agent emits commands that changes the state of the file currently processed.



Cancel Batch

Emitted if a duplicate is found.


The agent retrieves commands from other agents and based on them generates a state change of the file currently processed.



Begin Batch

Removes all timed out detection data from the database cache.

End Batch

Compares the incoming batch against the ones existing in the database. If a duplicate is found, a cancel mark is emitted and an error message is written in the System Log. If no duplicate is found, the data batch information for the current batch is stored in the database.

Input/Output Data

The input/output data is the type of data an agent expects and delivers.

The agent produces and consumes bytearray types.