Categorized Grouping Meta Information Model and Debug Events

Meta Information Model

For information about the MIM and a list of the general MIM parameters, seeAdministration and Management in Legacy Desktop.


MIM ParameterDescription

Using Clean Storage

This MIM parameter is used if an inconsistency is detected in the persistent storage and the agent is configured to continue with a clean state. The MIM can be true during the first transaction of an activation but will always be false on the subsequent transactions within the same activation.

Using Clean Storage  is of the boolean type and is defined as a header MIM context type.


MIM ParameterDescription

Source File Count

Received from the collector. This is accessed if Close on Deactivation is enabled.


APL offers the possibility of both publishing and accessing MIM resources and values. For a listing of general MIM parameters, see Administration and Management.

Debug Events

Debug messages are dispatched in debug mode. During execution, the messages are displayed in the Workflow Monitor.

You can configure Event Notifications that are triggered when a debug message is dispatched. For further information about the debug event type, see Debug Event.