SAP RFC Agent Input/Output Data and MIM

Input/Output Data

The SAP RFC Processor agent consumes and emits UDRs, the type of which is determined by the the RFC function selected in the SAP RFC profile used. See SAP RFC Processor Agent Example for an example of a generated UDR.

If an error occurs, the agent emits an RfcErrorUDR.

The following fields are included in the RfcErrorUDR:

errorKey (string)This field provides the JCoException error key.
errorMessage (string)This field provides detailed information on the error that has occurred.
inputUDR (DRUDR)The input UDR that causes the error.

For any SAP RFC UDR generated by the profile, thisTwoPhaseCommit is added as part of the BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT.

Field Description
isTwoPhaseCommit (boolean)By setting this value to true, the SAP RFC agent will enable the two phased commit for the particular RFC.


For information about the MIM and a list of the general MIM parameters, see Administration and Management in Legacy Desktop.


MIM ParameterDescription
Average Response Time (long)The average response time (in milliseconds) for each execution and commit.
No of Executions (long)The total number of executions towards the SAP System.
Queue Size (int)The number of pending items in the queue.


The agent does not itself access any MIM resources.