Archiving Agents Transaction Behavior, Input/Output Data and MIM

Transaction Behavior

This section includes information about the Archiving agents' transaction behavior. For information about the general transaction behavior, see 3.1.11 Workflow Monitor.


The agents do not emit any commands.


The agents retrieve commands from other agents and based on them generate a state change of the file currently processed.



Begin Batch

When a Begin Batch message is received, if the temporary directory DR_TMP_DIR is not already in the base directory, the agent creates it. Then, the agent creates a target file in the temporary directory.

End Batch

When an End Batch message is received, the target file in DR_TMP_DIR is closed. Finally, the file is moved from the temporary directory to the target directory.

Cancel Batch

If a Cancel Batch message is received, the target file is removed from the DR_TMP_DIR directory.

Input/Output Data

The Input/Output data is the type of data an agent expects and delivers.

The Archiving agent consumes bytearray types.

The Local Archiving agent consumes either bytearray or MultiForwardingUDR types.


For information about the MIM and a list of the general MIM parameters, see Administration and Management in Legacy Desktop.


The agents publish the following MIMs:

MIM Value


Target Filename

This MIM parameter contains the name of the target filename, as defined in Filename Template.

Target Filename  is of the string type and is defined as a  trailer  MIM context type.

MultiForwardingUDR's FNTUDR

This MIM parameter is set only when the agent expects input of MultiForwardingUDR type. The MIM value is a string that represents the sub- path from the output root directory on the target file system. The path is specified by the fntSpecification field of the last received MultiForwardingUDR. For further information about the MultiForwardingUDR type, see Archiving Agents MultiForwardingUDR Input.

This MIM parameter is of the string type and is defined as a  batch  MIM context type.


Various MIM resources are accessed depending on the MIM value selection in the Agent Directory Name and Logged MIM Data lists. The MIM values are read at End Batch.