Release Information

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This page contains release information and downloadable deliverables for the different releases of 9.0 For each release the following downloadable deliverables are available:

  • Release Notes - Contains information about the contents of the release, important information and known issues. You must read through this information before starting any installation or upgrade.
  • Bug Fix Appendix - Contains information about bug fixes included in the release.
  • GitHub Link for Downloads - Link to the release in GitHub where you can download the release package and a signature file for package verification.

Verify Downloaded Package

Optional Step: 

The package is signed with the [cosign] ( tool. 

There is a signature file in the release package that you can use to verify the main package. 

To verify the main package, download the *.tgz file and the *.sig file, and run the following commands:

$ cat >> << EOF
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

$ cosign verify-blob --key --signature <download_path>/<version>.sig <download_path>/<version>.tgz

You should receive the following output if verification succeeded:

Verified OK

MediationZone 9.0