Release Cycle Information


Usage Engine is released to the public following a regular development schedule. Each release is accompanied by release notes and a letter that covers all new additions and updates.

The release letter covers what is being released and upcoming changes that will be available when the next versions are released.

The release notes segment the information into three categories:

  • Deprecate Information – Includes information on functions and features that are about to be removed from the system. For every highlighted change there will be a description of how and when the deprecation will be carried out.
  • Improvements – New functionality, extended capabilities, and other improvements to functions are described here.
  • Upcoming Changes – This section lists functionality that will be added to Usage Engine in later versions. The information provided here provides customers with advance notice of how some parts of the service may change. This includes not only core functional components but also new user interface options and expanded features.

Development Release Types 

All available functionality that is exposed to the user is tested and released by the development team. However, some functionality may be released as Beta versions, and they differ from the production-ready releases in the following ways:

  • Beta version functionality, capabilities, and scope may change from the previously announced list in the release letter. When the function is finally ready the “Beta” label will be removed and this will be indicated in both the release letter, notes, and all relevant documentation.
  • Proper data processing is not guaranteed. Even though beta versions are rigorously tested by the development team, bugs and errors may occur.
  • Be aware that known bugs and possible workarounds will be prepared.

Note that some Beta functions may not be available for all customers. Reach out to your system administrator for more information on how to obtain those packages. Documentation for some beta functions may be incomplete. 

Production-ready versions are referred to as GA (General Availability).