Zuora Post Usage Records

The Zuora Post Usage Records is used to send billable usage records from Usage Engine to the Zuora Billing. This Function supports both the Active Rating Post Usage API and the native Post Usage API to create and upload one or more usage records. After uploading the records, you can view the usage consumption over your Zuora UI or REST API.


To configure the Zuora Post Usage Records Function follow these steps:

  1. In Environment, to access the Zuora tenant environment, specify:

    If the Zuora tenant is available, you can access the Zuora REST API using the following endpoints:

  2. In Credentials, you can choose to authenticate using two methods. In Authenticate by specify:

  3. In Request, select the Use Active Rating checkbox to process single or multiple records to be processed in a single request. If Active Rating is not selected, only one record can be processed at a time. 

  4. In Entity, if you have the Zuora Multi-entity feature enabled, you can specify the name of the entity you want access to. Zuora Multi-entity provides the capability to create and manage multiple entities within a single Zuora tenant. For more information on Zuora Multi-entity, refer to https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/Billing/Tenant_Management/Multi-entity.

  5. In Field Mapping, you must specify the Source Field based on the input from the previous function for the appropriate Target Field. Enabling or disabling the Use Active Rating checkbox, modifies the Target Fields that need to be mapped. The target fields are defined according to the Zuora Usage File Format, refer to:

    1. Use Active Rating enabled: https://www.zuora.com/developer/active-rating-api/#operation/POST_UsageRecords

    2. Use Active Rating disabled: https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/Object_POSTUsage

  6. You can also add a custom field mapping by clicking Add custom field mapping.


Active Rating ON
{ "data": [ { "accountNumber": "A00002689", "tag": "AccountNumber:A00002689", "quantity": "15", "unitOfMeasure": "Each", "startDateTime": "2017-01-14T21:32:00+08:00", "description": "Disk usage for A00002689", "groupId": "Group A" }, { "accountNumber": "A00002689", "tag": "AccountNumber:A00002689", "quantity": "15", "unitOfMeasure": "Each", "startDateTime": "2017-01-14T21:32:00+08:00", "description": "Disk usage for A00002689", "groupId": "Group B" } ] }

Active Rating OFF
{ "AccountId": "2c92c0f956bc8fb40156d502fc3718b1", "ChargeNumber": "C-00000229", "Description": "test", "Quantity": 9, "StartDateTime": "2017-12-01T16:41:36.000+01:00", "SubscriptionNumber": "A-S00000100", "UOM": "Each" }