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Variable Insertion (Interpolation) is a way to dynamically modify a string expression or object at runtime. 


  • payload
  • meta
  • deploy
  • sharedStore

Refer to the 7861678 below table below to know how to use these scopes with a few examples. You can also perform nested Variable Insertion using the same or different scopes.


title$ or @

While using '$' or '@', note the following:

  • ${scope} will result in a string. ${scope} behaves like a JavaScript template Variable Insertion with the following exceptions: 

    • Returns 'undefined' instead of throwing an error when accessing non-existing paths
    • Returns full object (payload) for ${payload}
    • Returns a JSON representation of objects instead of [Object object]

  • @{scope} will result in an object

If you have a nested data structure in, and you want to keep the structure and not transform it into a string, then you must use @{} instead of ${}.