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The SAP JCo Uploader agent is a batch fowarding forwarding agent, which sends records to SAP Convergent Invoicing (SAP CI) using the JCo protocol.

The workflow which includes the SAP JCo Uploader agent, processes files in CSV format with a large number of rows, e g 100,000 rows each, in sub batches, the size of which you determine in the SAP Jco Uploader agent configuration dialog. When a sub-batch of records has been committed, the next sub-batch is processed, however, sub-batches can be processed simultaneously, depending on the No of Threads option is determined in the agent configuration dialog. 

The SAP JCo Uploader agent inserts states into a remote database, and once the file has been processed, the information is removed from the database. If processing of a file is interrupted for example, if the workflow aborts or an error occurs, processing continues from an offset corresponding to where in the file it left off when interrupted. To determine the offset, the agent performs a database lookup , and gets the list of records that are already processed.

In the file that contains the records to be sent to SAP CI, the first record contains the RemoteFunctionCallName and FileFormat, and the rest of the file is the content , so that a HeaderUDR must be sent, and then for the content, a RecordUDR must be sent. For further information, see SAP JCo Uploader Agent UDRs.

This section describes the SAP JCo Uploader agent. The agent is a forwarding agent for batch workflow configurations.

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The section contains the following subsections: