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This section describes the Duplicate Batch profile, the Duplicate Batch Detection agent, and the Duplicate Batch Inspector. This processing agent is available in batch workflow configurations.

The Duplicate Batch agent allows duplication control on passed data batches. Each data batch is tested against already stored meta data metadata from batches, to see if they are considered to be duplicates. Metadata for data batches are kept for a configurable number of days. If the meta data metadata of a batch has been removed, a duplicate of this batch can no longer be detected.

If any duplicates are detected, a message is logged to the System Log, and the duplicate batch is cancelledcanceled, which may cause the workflow to abort. For further information, seeĀ System Log.


It is only appropriate to use the agent after agents that may create duplicate batches, typically a file-based collection agent. Several workflows may utilize the same Duplicate Batch profile. In this case, their batches are mutually compared.

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The section contains the following subsections: