System Log

By default, events and errors encountered in the system are saved in the System Log. The System Log handles duplicate events within a time frame. Therefore every event and error has a first and last occurred date, as well as information of how many times it was repeated. The System Log allows the user to browse and purge this log.

There are three types of categories:

  • System-related log entries

  • Workflow related log

  • User-related log entries

For instance, if a workflow aborts, the reason may be tracked through the System Log.

To open the System Log, click the Tools button in the upper left part of the Desktop window, and then select System Log from the menu.

The System Log

Initially, the dialog is empty and must be populated with data using the Search System Log dialog. For further information, see the section below, Searching the System Log.

Buttons and Fields


Show Entries

Entries matching the search criteria are displayed in groups of 500. Show Entries contains a list of all groups of 500, from which one is selected. Note that the full content of the log messages for a group is fetched from the database once the group is selected. This is to have as little impact as possible on the overall performance of the system.


The severity of the message can be any of the following:

  • I (information) - An informative message which is logged, for instance, when a user logs in or a workflow is activated.

  • W (warning) - A warning message is also informative but is considered to be slightly more serious than an information message. A warning message is logged, for instance, when a workflow sends data to ECS.

  • E (Error) - An error is logged when any part of the system fails, for instance, when a workflow aborts. Double-clicking an error message will display the Stack Trace Viewer. This information must always be included when contacting support, in cases involving error messages.

  • D (Disaster) - Usually never used, other than possibly for user-defined agents

Last Occurred

The date when this message last occurred.


Shows how many times this message has occurred.


Indicates which part of the system the message originates from; user, system or workflow.


The name of the workflow/agent from which the message originates.


The message. Note that selecting an entry from the list will display its full contents.

First Occurred

The date when this message first occurred.

Message Area

If an entry is selected from the list, further details about it is displayed in this area.


Use the Filter button to set filters for a more curated list of entries in the System Log.


The search result is restricted to a maximum of 500 000 entries. If you want to modify the maximum  number of entries, add the Platform property mz.systemlog.maxresults to the platform.conf and  modify the value. For further information, see Platform Properties the in the System Administrator's Guide.

System Log Filter

For an entry to be displayed in the list, it has to pass all of the following filters.



The severity of the log entry. At least one type must be enabled.

TypeThe affected entity.

Date Range

Within which period entries will be viewed. A few predefined options are available. If none are selected, all are considered. The default period is Today. The available options are:

  • User-defined
  • All
  • Last hour
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This week
  • This month

When User-defined is selected, the following applies:


Start date and time

All entries reported after the selected date will match. If not, all entries before the End date and time will match.

End date and time

All entries reported before the selected date will match. If not, all entries after the Start date and time will match.

If neither Start date and time nor End date and time is specified, all entries will match.


Contains options to filter out specific workflows and/or agent names. If disabled, all workflows/agents will match.

Workflow Group

Check to include log messages of the workflow group that you select from the drop-down list.


Check to include log messages of the agent that you select from the drop-down list.


The System Log displays log messages according to your Log Area selection: User, System, and/or workflow. To have System Log present agent-related messages you need to configure an agent event from the Event Notification Configuration. For further information, see Add Event in Event Notifications Configuration.


If enabled, all activities performed by the selected user will match. If disabled, all user activities will match.


This only applies to events invoked by users, such as inserting, updating and deleting data in the system. Thus, it does not apply to workflow ownership and can therefore not be utilized to filter out a specific user's workflows.


Log entries may be scanned for occurrences of specific messages. Using all lowercase letters in the text field will result in case insensitive search. If upper-case letters are used anywhere in the text field the search will be case sensitive.