Kafka Producer(3.0)

The Kafka Producer agent is responsible for sending data to the Kafka log.


The Kafka Producer configuration contains the following settings:



Browse and select the profile the agent should use, as defined in the Kafka profile.

StandardSelect this option if you do not require acknowledgments to be sent to an external system.

Select this option to enable an acknowledgement to be sent back to an external system. Acknowledged execution mode consumes more resources since every outstanding request contains data from a response UDR.

Route On Error

Select this check box if you want a KafkaExceptionUDR, containing the error message, to be routed from the forwarding agent when an error occurs. You can only select this check box if you have selected Standard execution mode.


The emission of error UDRs is under flood protection, which means only one unique error message UDR is issued per second to prevent flooding of identical errors. In addition, if you set the number of retries to a value greater than 0 in the  Advanced tab of the Producer tab in the Kafka Profile configuration dialog, the error message UDR is not emitted until the final retry has failed.

Suppress Non-Fatal ErrorsSelect this check box if you do not want to log non-fatal errors produced by the Kafka forwarding agent in the System Log.

Input/Output Data

Input Data


Output Data