Release of New Functionality

In this scenario, the exported configurations are stored in a Version Control System and then checked out by different teams working with test and integration, before the configurations are put into production.

Chain of events:

  1. Team A develops new workflows and exports them to the local working copy.

  2. The resulting xml and schema files are checked in to the Version Control System.

  3. Team C checks out the exported configurations prepared by Team A to their local working copy and imports them into a staging .

  4. Team C prepares the workflows for production, by creating additional instances, assigning parameters, creating workflow groups and configuring scheduling.

  5. Team C exports the updated configurations to their local working copy and checks in the new exports into the Version Control System.

  6. Team B checks out the new configuration exports and imports them into a system test .

  7. Team B performs system test and Team A and C resolves issues detected, repeating steps 1-6 as necessary.

  8. When the configurations are ready for production, Team D checks out the tested and accepted versions of the configurations to their local working copy.

  9. Team D performs an export of the current production version, if one already exists, and compares the xml files with the ones checked out from the Version Control System. This provides a way to verify and understand the scope of the changes made.

  10. Team D imports the new version of the configurations into the production .