Merge Files Collection CollectedFile UDR

The agent produces and routes CollectedFileUDR types with a structure described in the following example.

Example - Using the CollectedFileUDR


internal CollectedFileUDR {
    string fileName;
    string baseDirectoryPath;
    string subDirectory; // relative to base directory
    int sizeOnDisk; // will differ if file was compressed
    boolean wasCompressed; // true if file was decompressed 
    on collection
    date fileModifiedTimestamp
    int fileIndex // Index number within the current merged 
    batch, starts with 1.
    bytearray content;
    boolean isLastPartial; // True if last UDR of the input file
    int partialNumber; // Sequence number of the UDR within the 
                      file. 1 for first, 2 for second so on.