HTTPD Agent Configuration

To open the HTTPD agent configuration dialog from a workflow configuration, you can do one of the following:

  • right-click the agent icon and select Configuration...
  • double-click the agent icon


HTTPD collection agent configuration dialog - HTTPD tab



If enabled, the communication channels will be encrypted.

You must select this option for the Enable 2-way Authentication option to be made available.

Security Profile

Click Browse to select a security profile with certificate and configuration to use, if you prefer to use a secure connection. Refer to Security Profile for more information.

Enable 2-way Authentication

If enabled, two-way authentication is enabled for the communication channels.

To use the default Java truststore, select this option, but leave the Truststore and Password fields empty.

Local Address

The local address that the server will bind to. If the field is left empty, the server will bind to the default address.


The port the server will listen to. Default port for non-encrypted communication is 80 and for encrypted 443.

TransportSelect the transport protocol that you prefer for the best performance. 
Request Handling

Content Type

The UDR Type, extended HttpdUDR, the collector will emit. For an example, see HTTPD UDR Type.


Client Timeout (sec)

Number of seconds a client can be idle while sending the request, before the connection is closed. If the timeout is set to 0 (zero) no timeout will occur. This is not recommended. Default value is 10.

Server Timeout (sec)

The number of seconds before the server closes a request and a 500 Server Error is sent back to the client. If the timeout is set to 0 (zero) no timeout will occur. Default value is 0.


Character Encoding

List of encoding options to use for handling of responses.

GZIP Compression LevelRegulates compression data size. Valid levels are from 1-9, where 9 is slowest but provides optimal compression. 


If the keystore or truststore that you selected is updated (i e, certificates are removed or added), you must restart the agent for the changes to take effect.