Naming Conventions

When naming solutions and streams, ensure that unique names are used. The maximum length of a Solution name and a Function name is limited to 30 characters, and the maximum size of the Stream name is limited to 63 characters. When a function is used multiple times in a stream, each function node receives a unique name by appending copy numbers to each consecutive node (for example, if the Count function is used multiple times, the consecutive functions are named Count (1), Count (2), and so on). 


When a user tries to duplicate a stream with a maximum number of characters in its name, that is 63, it results in a "bad request". If the stream name does not have the maximum characters when it is duplicated, the duplicated stream name is appended with "(Copy1)".

Character restrictions apply to user input fields in Usage Engine. The character restrictions in Usage Engine apply to account names, solution names, stream names, and node or function names. You can only use the following characters when naming:

  • Alphanumeric (a-z,A-Z, 0-9)

  • Space
  • Dash ( - )

  • Underscore ( _ )

  • Round brackets ( () )
  • Period ( . )


The order that you determine in a function for a CSV file is not guaranteed. For example, in a Map processor or Amazon S3 forwarder, if you have headers that are a mixture of numeric and alphabetical titles, Usage Engine orders the numeric headings followed by alphabetical titles.