Quarterly Release Update for Usage Engine Cloud Edition - October 2023

During the last quarter, we have released two major features:

Data Correction - Elevating Data Accuracy and Reliability

We are thrilled to announce the release of the enhanced Data Correction. Data Correction helps businesses to identify and isolate data with quality issues and provides the possibility to correct them to reprocess them successfully. 

By introducing this feature in Usage Engine Cloud Edition, we aim to ease the challenges associated with data discrepancies and provide a seamless experience for identifying and rectifying incorrect or incomplete data.

The Challenge

As businesses scale, the volume and complexity of data involved in different processes increase significantly. It becomes difficult to prevent incorrect data from entering the business—and even more difficult to prevent it from propagating as it moves from application to application.

The business impact of poor data quality ranges from operational inefficiencies, poor customer service, and delays in billing, and sometimes leads to incorrect invoices or loss of revenue.

Ensuring the validation of data against various criteria while maintaining data integrity is complex, particularly when integrating with existing systems.

The Solution

Data Correction is a powerful feature designed to simplify and expedite the process to improve data quality. It empowers you to effortlessly identify, isolate, and correct errors, ensuring a streamlined customer experience.

How It works

You can easily create your own validation rules using a Validate processor, mark attributes as required, and check for values, patterns, types, etc. All these checks are done when data flows through a stream. The data not adhering to rules is captured in Data Correction where it can be corrected and sent back for processing at the same point in the stream.

The Data Correction UI provides a cumulative view of all failed validation records. You can apply advanced filters to narrow the search to correct or discard multiple records simultaneously.

For assurance purposes, there are logs, audits, and user activity generated for the records sent to Data Correction.

For more information on this feature and how to use it, see Data Correction.

Improved UI and Enhanced Functionalities for Zuora Query

The user interface in the Zuora Query processor has gone through a major makeover to provide a modern look with enhanced usability.

The Zuora Query Function enables users to send queries to Zuora’s tenant and retrieves the response that can be used for analysis and reporting purposes. This Function provides flexibility in using SQL or Zuora Query Language (ZOQL).

Data Handling and Feature Improvements

Usage Engine Cloud Edition is improved and enhanced to support the latest API specifications and correctly reflect the ability to use Zuora’s service API, Data Query, or ZOQL in the Function itself.

The Zuora Query UI has now been updated with the following new additions: 

  • Wait for job completion for maximum — This setting is now part of Operational Settings and is only applicable for Data Query. Once a query is submitted to the Zuora tenant, the query status will be sent repeatedly every 20 seconds. This is done until a final response is received or the defined timeout duration is reached. While waiting for a query output, the status of the query job also keeps on updating in logs after every 20 seconds. 

  • Result Header Options — When this option is turned on you can get a result header key returned in the output. 

  • Action on Error Handling — Controlling query error behavior is now possible by adjusting this option. The error can either be ignored or the stream can be terminated. 

Newly Added Operational Settings

For more information, see https://infozone.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DAZ/pages/7875520.