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Patrik Bruce

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Billing Mediation provides the Billing Domain (BD) components with the ability to ingest network CDR data for monetization, reporting, fraud detection, and settlement purposes. It is defined using the Charging architecture and principles outlined by 3GPP TS32.240 (Ref 1) as the baseline. It is constructed as a set of capabilities to facilitate charging for telecom network connectivity services delivered by the CSP using 3G/4G/5G networks (GPRS/EPC/5GC), characterized by, and limited to: 

  • Originating Data Sources
    • CDRs received as files over the Bx interface
    • CDRs received as files directly from network elements and other systems in vendor proprietary formats
    • Network charging information received via real-time interfaces, over non-3GPP defined interfaces
  • Output Data Targets 
    • Billing Domain functions of Rating, and Billing
    • Interconnect billing platforms
    • Roaming settlement platforms
    • Revenue Assurance systems
    • Fraud Management systems
    • Analytics and reporting platforms
    • Data warehouse and data lake systems
    • MVNO platforms
  • Commercial Models and purposes 
    • Direct B2C connectivity 
    • Direct B2B connectivity
    • Telecom network in-bound roaming
    • Telecom network out-bound roaming

This Right to Use (RTU) grants the licensee the right to use software in accordance with this definition.