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In resemblance to Regular Expressions, when searching through text strings of names and other textual patterns in mzsh, there are two characters that help you filter text according to certain criteria:

  • The asterisk '*' is a wildcard for one or more characters.
  • The question mark '?' is a wildcard for any single character.

If you want to use the '*' and '?' wildcards when you are not logged in, the wildcards have to either be enclosed with single or double quotation marks or preceded with a backslash '\'.

For example:

mzsh mzadmin/dr wfgrouplist \* will work.

mzsh mzadmin/dr wfgrouplist "*" will work.

mzsh mzadmin/dr wfgrouplist * -mode D will not work.

The period '.' punctuation mark is not a wildcard and is treated as any character.When using any of the wfgroup commands, the period “.” punctuation mark is not considered as a wildcard. It functions as a normal punctuation mark character.