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The Merge Files collection agent collects files from a local file system and inserts them into a workflow. Initially, the agent will scan the base directory for all sub-directories matching the Sub Directory regular expression. The agent will collect the files matching the files regular expression. In addition, the Sort Order may be used to sort the matched files in on a per sub-directory basis. The files found will then be inserted into a CollectedFileUDR and routed into the workflow.

When a file has been successfully processed, the agent offers the possibility of moving, renaming, removing or ignoring the original file. The agent can also be configured to keep files for a set number of days. When all files in the batch are successfully processed, the agent stops awaiting the next activation, scheduled, or manually initiated.

When the Force Single UDR check box in the Merge Files tab is selected, the agent will try to read the complete file into one UDR. The agent will however only be able to handle files with a file size that is smaller than Integer.MAX_VALUE. While reading a file, if an exception such as OutOfMemoryError or ArrayIndexOutOfBounds occurs, the workflow aborts, and a message is logged indicating the name of the file that caused the exception. For information about the Integer.MAX_VALUE type see the Java documentation.

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