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This directory is used for storing files required by third-party software, e g database drivers.

MZ_HOME/backupThis directory contains the backup files produced when performing a System Backup task or a System Import, see the Desktop User's Guide for further information about these operations. The directory will be created when the first backup is made.

This directory contains the commandline tool, mzsh.

You can use the the command line tool to interact with and perform system related tasks such as shutdown, startup, imports and exports of configurations, etc. Some Desktop related tasks, such as starting and stopping workflows, are also possible to perform with the commandline tool.

Use the command line tool to start different parts of the system, such as the Platform or an Execution Context. These entities are running in their own Java Virtual Machines and are referred to as Pico processes. Every pico process has its own definition in STR. 

For further information about STR, see System Topology Registry

For further information about the command line tool, see Command Line Tool User's Guide.


This directory contains all the mzp packages in your installation, as well as any Jar files generated from your APL and Ultra configurations.


The contents of this directory should not be modified.


The lib subdirectory contains common libraries that are used by the system. This directory should not be modified.

The services subdirectory contains service definitions. This directory should not be modified.

The config subdirectory contains the STR data.


In an Execution Container, any local changes to the files in this directory are overwritten when the Platform is restarted.


This directory contains:

  • Configuration data, e g agents, profiles and workflows, associated with each configuration space
  • User and access group data
MZ_HOME/desktopThis directory contains binaries for the Legacy Desktop and the Desktop Launcher.
MZ_HOME/documentationThis directory contains the documentation in PDF format. → does this directory exist in MZ9?

ESAPI.propertiesThis file is used by the esapi security 3pp. This file should not be modified.
This file is the installation license file.

This file is the MIB definition file that is used by the SNMP trap utility.

validation.propertiesThis file is used by the ESAPI Security 3pp. This file should not be modified.

MZ_HOME/haThis directory contains a Jar file, which in turn contains scripts used for high availability installations. For further information, see chapter High Availability Setup.

This directory contains the code that is necessary for the non-pico started servers and that is not loaded from the code server, as well as third party code.

The pico-started servers, e g the Desktop and the ECs, executable code will never be fetched from this directory during runtime. The code is instead fetched from the pico cache. The exceptions are the Code Server and pico-start utility, picostart.jar, which will obtain their code from this directory.


This directory contains various logs. If the operating system on the machine where the installation is made provides so-called job control, this directory will contain process identification files (with extension *.pid). With mzsh, these may be used in order to identify all processes related to the system execution.

<pico name>.log

This file contains logs from the various pico processes.

<pico name>.pidProcess identification number
setup-<version>.logThis file contains logs from the installation script

MZ_HOME/mzdbIf Derby is used, this directory is the default location of the the database instance(s).
MZ_HOME/pico-cacheThis directory is used by pico processes for caching.
MZ_HOME/scriptsThis directory contains user-called scripts and script templates.
This directory is the root directory for storage used by the Platform and services. Under the storage directory, the system creates sub-directories as required, which correspond to the services configured in the system.
MZ_HOME/tmpThis is a directory that is used for temporary storage by various subsystems.

When upgrading or downgrading using script, the resulting mzp packages of the plist that is made during upgrade/downgrade will be stored in subdirectories to this directory where each version will have its own subdirectory.

Packages for old version when running an upgrade will be stored in:

$MZ_HOME/upgrade_history/<old version>/plist

Packages for new version when running a downgrade will be stored in:

$MZ_HOME/upgrade_history/<new version>/plist

MZ_HOME/webThis directory contains resources for the user documentation.
MZ_HOME/webappsThis directory contains third-party software that is required to navigate the user documentation.
MZ_HOME/webrootThis directory contains resources for web applications.
MZ_HOME/wiThis directory contains resources for the Web Interface.