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Connection Factory Name

Enter the name of the connection factory object that is to be searched for within JNDI.

This is used to create a connection with a JNDI provider (a messaging provider such as Weblogic, activeMQ, etc).

Destination Name

Enter the name of the destination object that is to be searched for within JNDI.

This represents the target of messages that are produced and the source of messages that are consumed (e g, queue name or topic name).

Properties List

Enter <Name:Value> pairs that you want to use when creating the InitialContext. For a list of available options, refer to the JNDI implementation documentation and Context (Java SE 17 & JDK 17) (


There may be instances where setting the username and password for the JNDI server in the JMS agents will result in an error where the agent will not be able to access the server. When this happens, you will have to set the username and password in the properties list, using the following security context:

For username, use:

For password, use: