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Click Browse and select a pre-defined decoder. These decoders are defined in the Ultra Format Editor, and are named according to the following syntax:

<decoder> (<module>)

The option MZ option MZ Format Tagged UDRs indicate UDRs indicate that the expected UDRs are stored in the the Image Added specific format. Select this option to make the Tagged UDR Type list accessible for configuration.

Tagged UDR Type

Click Browse and select a pre-defined Tagged UDR Type. These UDR types are stored in the Ultra and Code servers. The naming format is:


If the decoder is intended to reprocess UDRs of an internal format, the Decoder MZ format tagged UDRs has to be selected enabling this list. Once enabled, the internal format must be selected.

Full Decode

Select this check box to enable full decoding of the UDR, before it enters the workflow. This, in turn, might reduce performance rate.

Leave this check box empty to minimize decoding work in the agent. By leaving this check-box empty, you postpone decoding, and discovery of corrupt data to a later phase in the workflow.