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Profiles are reusable configurations that can be linked into workflows through agent configurations, or via other profile configurations that are in turn linked into workflows. With few exceptions (where non-sharable storage is used) profiles can be shared between multiple workflows. All agents referring to the specific profile inherit the same settings from the fields of the profile.

Parameterizable Profile Fields

To make profiles reusable in a an efficient way, some of them support a concept called Parameterizable Fields. Such fields makes it possible to have one configuration only, reusable both in development, test, and production systems. It also makes it easy to add support in CI/CD pipelines.

For instructions on how to define basic parameters, refer to External Reference Profile (3.0).

A parameterizable profile field can be used as a template and its value can be set per workflow. The parameter syntax is ${}. By using this syntax, a Dynamic Fields Tab(3.0) of type string is created. The value of the field is set as a workflow parameter and the value will be replaced when the workflow is executed.

Profile fields supporting parameterization are marked with a (dollar sign) icon. Currently, the following profiles supports use of parameterization:

titleExample - How to parametrize and add a list of brokers for Kafka workflows
  1. In the Kafka profile , select the checkbox Use parameterized broker list and set a name for your list parameter, for example ${kafka.brokerList}:

  2. In your workflow, open up the Workflow Properties, and select your list parameter.

  3. Now you can set the list of brokers per workflow in your Workflow Table. Syntax notation must follow JSON standards:

    Note that you can also set the values through ECD HELM files:
Code Block
  - template: "Default.wf1"
    - name: "wf"
      useExtRef: "{}"
      parameters: "{\"brokers\":\"[{\\\"host\\\": \\\"localhost\\\", \\\"port\\\"\
        : 1337}, {\\\"host\\\": \\\"other-host\\\", \\\"port\\\":22}]\",\"topic\"\


It is not possible to use External References.

Available Profiles

The following profiles are available: