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This section describes how to configure for Image Added for Oracle as platform database instead of the the default Derby database.


This section is optional and can be omitted if you are doing the default installation with Derby database or are planning to use a PosgreSQL database.

will Image Added will not provide the Oracle docker images or Oracle helm chart  for this installation, so you will have to create them, see below.



Instructions on how to configure persistent storage for can Image Added can be found here: Persistent Storage (3.0).


Code Block
Example, in this case ojdbc8 is used.

$ scp oracle-instantclient19.9-basiclite- <persistent storage host>:<persistent storage root>/3pp
$ scp oracle-instantclient19.9-sqlplus- <persistent storage host>:<persistent storage root>/3pp
$ scp ojdbc8.jar <persistent storage host>:<persistent storage root>/3pp

Configure Helm Image Added Helm Chart for Oracle Database

Edit the oracle section in the values.yaml file of the helm Image Added helm chart to match the Oracle installation where the platform database shall be created.

Create platform Image Added platform tables for the Oracle database