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In this section you can see information about the new features and functionality in this release.


New User Interface: Desktop Online

Issue number(s):  XE-9715

In this release we are introducing a brand-new user interface. From this point, this new interface will be known as Desktop Online. Our new Desktop Online user interface is accessible using a web browser and offers same functionalities as Desktop Client (Desktop) along with some exclusive functionality, like Archive Inspector (3.1).

The Desktop Online user interface will bring a new, modern look and feel to Usage Engine and will have the advantage of not requiring a local client installation, just take your pick of browser from Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Firefox. Another key benefit of this new interface is that it will be fully accessible for users using screen readers or keyboard navigation. This first release is a big step forward to comply with accessibility requirements according to WCAG 2.1 AA, with full adherence to the standard coming in a subsequent release.

This  Desktop Online user interface is undergoing heavy development and will continue to be developed bringing new functionality to the interface in future releases. While the Desktop Online user interface is being developed, the Desktop Client and its web based version, Web Desktop will continue to be available for use and will function in the same way as in the previous versions. See Desktop Online User Interface (3.1) for more information.

Archive Inspector

Issue number(s): XE-2308

In this release there is a new feature Archive inspector available that enables you to locate files in the archive.


See Archive Inspector (3.1) for more information.

Conditional Trace 2.0

Issue number(s): XE-9339

Conditional Trace has been rewritten to track all UDRs in a workflow that match the applied filter criteria, for instance if all UDRs originating from a particular set of users need to be monitored as they flow through the system.

The new versions is designed to provide plug-and-play interoperability with Jaeger, a state-of-the-art trace logging system. This provides complete trace logs and a rich set of filtering and troubleshooting tools.

Image Modified

See Conditional Trace User's Guide (3.1) for more information.

Websocket Agents

Issue number(s): XE-2273